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WorksheetWorks.com August 29, 2010

Posted by Amy Campbell in Online Resources, Websites.
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I ran across WorksheetWorks.com looking for black line maps for my World Cultures class. Sadly, the maps in our textbook and supplemental resources leave quite a bit to be desired. They have many documents for social studies, but also for all subject areas.

All the files are in PDF format, which means that the print will be clear and the document’s current state will be preserved as they can’t be altered by users. The site is still in Beta, so some changes may be made. They offer you the option of asking them to change a worksheet that is available on the site to better suite the needs of your classroom, they also take submissions created by teachers for their classroom. They do ask that you request permission before using their worksheets in any school publications. They do state that they believe that the best way to interact with students is through “quality paper-based materials”, so this site doesn’t contain any interactive components. There do not appear to be any plans to make this site a pay site.

Each subject area is divided into specific areas of study, for example, Mathematics contains sections for geometry, time, probability, etc. The only core subject that isn’t included at the date of this posting is Science, though since the site is in Beta, it may simply be down while work is being done on the section.  There is also a section for puzzles such as word searchs, Sudoku, and mazes. The last section is called Miscellanea, and includes patterns for models, organizational tools, and hand/eye coordination tasks.

The most extensive collection at this time is Geography, but the sheets in all subject areas seems to be well designed. If you are looking a different worksheet than provided by your supplemental materials, or they are poorly designed, this site is worth a look.



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